Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back again

          It has been a long time since I had time to blog. I had to take a leave of absence from few of my CTs as I'm not able to find the time to scrap much lately. With the spring here, we have started again with the house construction and even though I'm not physically building I've been researching things, comparing prices and getting supplies. It's a big job and although it seemed like a lot of fun at first, after a while it gets very overwhelming. There are so many colors and patterns, different quality, different price range.... decisions, decisions....
        I've signed up for the CSD QP contest and even though I did make the QP I forgot to post it in time. It's too late now, but I will still post the Freebie QP tomorrow ( I hope).
It's my husband's birthday tomorrow and of course we'll have our traditional family dinner with grandkids helping to celebrate by decorating the cake and then blowing out the candles. Hope they won't start eating the cake before I decorate it, like last time. LOL..

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