Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Long time

It's been a long time since I last posted. There are 2 reasons for my absence:

1. Working on the house all summer and

2. Spotty internet due to road construction and lack of power...

We are close to finishing the house now and moving in hopefully by the end of October.... there are still septic mound and power to be done, the gas line was connected last Sunday and the road is almost completed. Few more gravel trucks and couple approaches and we'll be done. Inside the house we are still finishing flooring and baseboards. The kitchen is in, we already had a fire in our new wood fireplace and the bathrooms need tiles... then we'll be done.. No one is helping us anymore. Mike got a new job in the city and when he comes home on the weekends he wants to spend time with his family. Jonas like usual is promising to help and then gets drunk and hangover, sleeps in till 10 am and takes off. I should know better than to believe anything he says, but when he volunteers the help, I always get sucked in and then disappointed. I feel like doing the same thing to him. Not show up to babysit when they're relying on me.... I've been contemplating taking off to BC and not coming home for a while, but so far I couldn't do it.... why do I have to be so damn responsible???   I’m getting so frustrated that as soon as we are in our new home I’ll tell them to find someone else to take care of their kids. 

Last weekend we went out to a fundraising event for a Community Center Expansion in Edson.  It was much bigger than I expected and a lot of fun.  The bumpkin wedding dress up theme made it very interesting. There was a silent auction, raffle tickets, gifts and prizes donated by local businesses and a comedian to entertain for the evening.  Marc and I danced a lot and stayed till after midnight.   Below are some pictures from that evening...  


Monday, May 21, 2012

Steampunk QP Freebie

Yes, It's that time again. CSD is putting on anther QP contest and this time the theme is Steampunk.
There will be lots of wonderful pages uploaded  in the upcoming week so keep checking.

Here is my submission:

Kit used was Steampunk by EMS Scraps, provided by CSD  http://coolscrapsdigital.com/

Hope you enjoy the.  Please leave a comment Here  Thank you!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sun Sun Sun

I uploaded my CSD QP today and it's ready to be snagged. The page was created using Sun Sun Sun kit by Butterfly Designs and it's available at the CoolScrap Digital Here

The QP can be dowloaded Here

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back again

          It has been a long time since I had time to blog. I had to take a leave of absence from few of my CTs as I'm not able to find the time to scrap much lately. With the spring here, we have started again with the house construction and even though I'm not physically building I've been researching things, comparing prices and getting supplies. It's a big job and although it seemed like a lot of fun at first, after a while it gets very overwhelming. There are so many colors and patterns, different quality, different price range.... decisions, decisions....
        I've signed up for the CSD QP contest and even though I did make the QP I forgot to post it in time. It's too late now, but I will still post the Freebie QP tomorrow ( I hope).
It's my husband's birthday tomorrow and of course we'll have our traditional family dinner with grandkids helping to celebrate by decorating the cake and then blowing out the candles. Hope they won't start eating the cake before I decorate it, like last time. LOL..

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Urban Fairy CT Call

       This is an awesome opportunity.  One of my favourite designers Danielle aka The Urban Fairy is having a CT Call. She is very easy going and very talented, all of her kits are trully  beautiful and very vesatile.  I just love working for her. It's a pleasure working with the designs.  So check it out for yourself.

Here is the link to her store so you can see her beautiful work...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

For My Daddy by Created by Jill

 This beautiful kit, called For My Daddy by Created by Jill was the inspiration for my layouts shown below. It's designed to help you to celebrate Dad by creating beautiful layouts. It contains handsome shades of blues, browns and khakis with an underlying golf theme! This page kit contains 14 - 12 x 12 papers and 66 elements including: 1 bottle opener, 1 chair, 1 metal button, 1 cigar, 1 clock, 1 masked crossword puzzle, 1 fence bit, 6 flowers, 7 frames, 1 pair or reading glasses, 1 glittery spill, 1 golf club, 1 scattered golf tees, 1 golf bag, 1 golf cart with grass border, 1 pair of golf shoes, 1 hanging golf ball, 1 golf ball on a tee, 1 golf green with flag, 1 wooden hanger, 2 hanging elements, 1 hat, one hook and chain, 1 key, 1 key ring, 1 lace ribbon with bow, 1 ladder, 2 leaves, 1 mesh piece, 1 netting piece, 1 newspaper with glasses, 1 jean pocket, 1 pocket watch, 6 ribbons, 1 rope piece, 1 golf score card, 1 set of shelves, 1 row of stitches, 2 strings, 4 tags, 1 wallet, 1 word art, 1 string with "DADDY" and 1 blank letter tab. Not all elements shown. Drop shadows on preview only. Created at 300 dpi. Personal use, S4H, and S4O only.

Kit available at CSD Store

Have Fun scrappin!