Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Changes

Wow... the property is starting to look so much different .... Last Friday we have started on building the road into the Subdivision.  The first step was to clear the trees out.  The operator worked the whole weekend but he magange to cut and clear out all of the trees.  It's amazing how big and powerful those machines are..

The "foller buncher" being unloaded on Fiday afternoon and ready to get to work. 

It was amazing to watch this powerful machine to just grip, cut down the tree and lay it down like it's nothing...

I tried to stay far away while taking  pictures.  Those trees are so tall....  I was worried it could hit me on the way down, but the guy just slowly layed them down....  he was so precise and skilled... amazing..

He worked all afternoon on Friday and by the end of the day on Saturday, it was all cut down. There were piles of trees laying down all along the road..

This was the site on Sunday... all dragged away

It's all pilled up neatly for us to use some of it for firewood (it will take years to cut all of it down) and the popler to burn this winter... Now the house is more visible and exposed.  I will take some more pictures as we progress and keep you updated as we move along.
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