Monday, August 29, 2011

BIG announcement from the Urban Fairy

Please spread the news!!!

The Urban Fairy says:

"I have opened a quality checked cu advertisement yahoo group. I know that this is going to be more work for me in the long run but I don't care. It's worth it. I need this spread where ever anyone will read.
The  group link is here:

This is the front page - you don't have to copy this if you don't want to as they will read it when they get there, but you're welcome to do so.
Tired of spending your hard earned money on commercial use products that just don't meet expectations? To many stray pixels, blurry images or just down right crappy extractions? Well then you've found the right group!
This group is for QUALITY commercial use products only! Designers are welcome to share their sales, products, freebies and what ever else their hearts desire! Advert. managers are also welcome here!
The Rules:
No Tagger Size anything.
10 ads or less a day [ UNIQUE ads - no repeats! ]
Products being advertised must have passed QUALITY CHECK!!
Nothing NON scrapbook related is allowed.
NO illegal sharing WHAT SO EVER.
When applying to the group you must tell me who you are/who you are advertising for & what store/s you/they sell at.
I reserve the right to remove anyone at any time without having to explain myself. If you ever make a purchase from an advertisement sent through THIS GROUP and you find the product to not be of good quality, please email me as soon as possible!
Thank you, welcome and SEND SEND SEND! [ but only 10 a day! ]
Danielle S.
The Urban Fairy

  There are some big names there right now, Wendy from ScrapHill, Jus Me, Day, Barb Speck, MooTwo and SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Thank you ladies,

I think that's a great idea!  Way to go, Danielle!

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