Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Changes

Wow... the property is starting to look so much different .... Last Friday we have started on building the road into the Subdivision.  The first step was to clear the trees out.  The operator worked the whole weekend but he magange to cut and clear out all of the trees.  It's amazing how big and powerful those machines are..

The "foller buncher" being unloaded on Fiday afternoon and ready to get to work. 

It was amazing to watch this powerful machine to just grip, cut down the tree and lay it down like it's nothing...

I tried to stay far away while taking  pictures.  Those trees are so tall....  I was worried it could hit me on the way down, but the guy just slowly layed them down....  he was so precise and skilled... amazing..

He worked all afternoon on Friday and by the end of the day on Saturday, it was all cut down. There were piles of trees laying down all along the road..

This was the site on Sunday... all dragged away

It's all pilled up neatly for us to use some of it for firewood (it will take years to cut all of it down) and the popler to burn this winter... Now the house is more visible and exposed.  I will take some more pictures as we progress and keep you updated as we move along.
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BIG announcement from the Urban Fairy

Please spread the news!!!

The Urban Fairy says:

"I have opened a quality checked cu advertisement yahoo group. I know that this is going to be more work for me in the long run but I don't care. It's worth it. I need this spread where ever anyone will read.
The  group link is here:

This is the front page - you don't have to copy this if you don't want to as they will read it when they get there, but you're welcome to do so.
Tired of spending your hard earned money on commercial use products that just don't meet expectations? To many stray pixels, blurry images or just down right crappy extractions? Well then you've found the right group!
This group is for QUALITY commercial use products only! Designers are welcome to share their sales, products, freebies and what ever else their hearts desire! Advert. managers are also welcome here!
The Rules:
No Tagger Size anything.
10 ads or less a day [ UNIQUE ads - no repeats! ]
Products being advertised must have passed QUALITY CHECK!!
Nothing NON scrapbook related is allowed.
NO illegal sharing WHAT SO EVER.
When applying to the group you must tell me who you are/who you are advertising for & what store/s you/they sell at.
I reserve the right to remove anyone at any time without having to explain myself. If you ever make a purchase from an advertisement sent through THIS GROUP and you find the product to not be of good quality, please email me as soon as possible!
Thank you, welcome and SEND SEND SEND! [ but only 10 a day! ]
Danielle S.
The Urban Fairy

  There are some big names there right now, Wendy from ScrapHill, Jus Me, Day, Barb Speck, MooTwo and SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Thank you ladies,

I think that's a great idea!  Way to go, Danielle!

Roll Up

Have you seen Roll Up, Roll Up! Kit by Digilicious Designs???

It's a gorgeously shabby kit perfect for projects about visits to the circus, festivals, carnivals and the like. Also great for layouts about everyday antics of kids (big & small!). Many elements in this kit can be used as 'props' in your layout - you can extract the subject from your photo and place them in or on the element for a fun and truly stunning result!! 
       It Contains:
      15 Papers
      50+ Elements
      1 Alpha
you can also get some free Word Art with it.  I had so much fun creating with this kit.  We have a street fair every year and I had lots of pictures to scrap with...  All of Christines kits are huge and this one is as well.  There are plenty of elements for any kind of layout... Check it out!

Here are my layouts with this awesome kit.   Don't you just love it???
I have some more pics to scrap so you may see more creations coming up...

Don't forget to visit Digilicious Designs  and check out this and other bundles...

Happy Scraping!

$2 Tuesday

Sale, Sale , Sale... Don't miss this great opportunity...

Christin at Lovely Creations is having a $2.00 Tuesday. This is a fabulous opportunity to get the kit you want for such a low price... Check it out:

Here are couple examples of her newest kits and my layouts to show you what you can do with them.  First off is Preschooler, perfect timing as you will send your little ones off to kindergarten... you'll have the time and the kit to scrap those First Day of School pictures..

Here are my Layouts:

And the beutiful Cupcake Creations.. for all of those sweet moments that you need to preserve for the future.   This is such a beutiful kit for a little girl... I love the pink daisy papers and soft color pallete.. Just check out the preview:

Here are some examples of what you can create:

and just for visiting here is a little freebie for you.
It's in png format, so just click on it to open in larger size and then right click and save...

HERE is the link to the store

Have a great day and happy scrapping...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dotty Boy

See life in dots with Dotty Boy !! This joyful kit, by Marie H Designs, is perfect to scrap all your little boys precious pictures no matter how old they are: baby to teens.  This kit contains 12 papers, 40 elements and an alpha. All the papers are 3600 x 3600 @ 300 dpp saved in jpeg and the elements are @ 300 dpp saved in png.

Kit available at Ginger Scraps Store

And here is your freebie. Thank you for visiting my blog.


Click by GS Gueat Designer- Sugar Pie Scraps, is a perfect kit for camera or pc enhustiasts.  It contains 12 papers, 35 elements and 1 alpha It can be used for just about any kind of layout.  Anuthing from picture taking, through posing to editing.  The colors are a bit unsual and funky and  that makes this kit so fun
This is what I did with this kit:

 You can purchase Click at Ginger Scraps for only $4.00

And here is a little freebie to thank you for coming to my site.

Rise And Shine

 It's time to rise and shine and this kit has just what you need to do it!  Unforgettable Moments teamed up with Key Of D Designs to bring you this fabulous, unique kit. If you have the perfect photo of a loved one with bed head, or a some pics of your morning routine this is the kit for you. You can even use this kit for charts or documenting morning jobs. Get your memories off to a great start with Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine is available at Ginger Scraps

Here are some layouts to give you an idea what you can do with this kit:

And here is a little freebie your you. Just click on it to open in larger size and then raight click and save. It's in a png format so it will save with clear background.
Happy Scrapping


Thursday, August 18, 2011

QP Contest

Cool Scrap Digital is having a QP contest going on again. You can check out all of the participants and collect all of the Quick Pages to make your own scrapbook. All of the pages are 8X8 and use the same kit by Chilli Designz called After math.  The kit is really beautiful and so easy to work with.

This is my quick page.  For me this kit has a Wedding feel to it, so I went with a wedding page.  My brother and sister in law had such a Fairy Tale Wedding that they became the object of my layout.  You can download a copy of this QP below.

Clip 'n Save

Clip 'n Save was designed by Sugar pie scraps - Ginger Scraps Guest Designer for August.  It contains 12 papers, 60 elements & 1 alpha.  It's perfect for those back to school supplies purchases, sales or savings themes.... I used it to document my great Garage Sales purchases and I had so much fun with that.
Here is the preview of this fantastic kit:

I'm very proud of my great fidns.... It saved us a lot of money and I know for sure it's a quality item...
HERE is your link to this kit at GS. Head over and check it out for yourself.  Have fun scraping!


Sweet Cooking Boy

Today I played around with another great kit by Marie H Designs called Sweet Cooking boy.  Isn't it an awesome kit?? Very colorful with lots of elements and alpha.  I just loved putting together some new layouts. My little grandson loves helping me in the kitchen and this kit had just the right colors and all of the elements I needed.

This kit is available at Ginger Scraps for only $2.00!!! Just click Here to get it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In the Pond

I have another kit by Marie H. Designs called In the pond.  I love all of her boyish kits... 
This one was designed for the every day play in the woods or medow, fishing trips and boys being boys.  With over 45 elements, 12 papers and an alpha set it's a great kit for any boy layouts.

If you would like to see more layouts or have a closer look at the elements just head over to her store

Happy Scrapping!

Little Man's World

I'm trying to catch up on my Creative Team commitments, but I'm so far behind that it will take a while. Especially having to care for Adrian around the clock.  At least we are done with the daily injections of blood thinners and blood tests at the clinic to monitor the levels... He's also in much less pain right now and we've switched from T3 to Extra Strength Tylenol.... he was so doped up for the first few weeks...

Now, here is a new release Ginger Scraps kit by Marie H Designs called Little Man's World.  It's a very cute kit with lots of boyish elements and typically boyish colors. 

It comes with two sets of alphas and great word arts which makes it easier and faster to create a layout.  Marie is new to Ginger Scraps and I just discovered her wonderful kits.  I've got a few of them which I will show to you in following posts.  You defenitely should check out her work as she has a few kits on sale at the moment.  Here is the LINK to Ginger Scraps store. Just take a look.

I'm back

Well, it's been ages since I last posted... July 26th... close to a month.  Things around here are happening so fast that I haven't have time to scrap or update my blog.  The house construction is coming along. We've been waiting for drier weather to start building the road, but it's not happening, so looks like we'll have to proceed.  Last weekend my husband and our contractor installed the windows... WOW it makes the building look more like a house now... I'm getting so excited...

On Aug First my son went dirbiking with a friend and broke his leg dooing some jumps.  It was fortunate that we knew exaclty where he was as there was no reception and his friend had to get up on the roof of his pickup to get through.  I barely got the message when the call ended.... We spent the night in Emergency and got transported to the city hospital for surgery the next day.  Long story short, the surgeon decided against it and put him in a cast. Now we have good 2 months of healing and recovery to do...

Being incapacitated is really hard on him.  He's usually very active boy, not used to spending his time in front of the TV.  Being the middle of summer and all of his friends have gone somewhere on holidays makes things even thougher. He'll be very happy to go back to school this year.