Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life 101

Hello, are you seeing signs of spring yet??? 
Depending on where you are it may be more or less spring-y.  Here the snow is finally melting.  My husband cleared away tones of it by a loader.  He must have taken away 300 to 400 loads.  I started counting one day but gave up after it got too high.
He cleared an area around our new home (read: crawl space and first floor) so we can start to build again.  Have you heard that Alberta has 4 seasons not quite the same as the rest of the world.  It's ALMOST WINTER, WINTER, STILL WINTER and CONSTRUCTION.... LOL
and that's what we are entering now  - Construction Season.

 While my hubby is doing some serious work I'm on my PC playing with a new kit.  I can never wait to start to work on the kit.  I always have to use it as soon as I download it.

 This time I got a very versatile kit from a MooTwo designer called LIFE 101.  It sounds like a college course... lol... should have more books and that sort of elements.....  It's actually very nice and colorful kit.  Bright and happy shades with lots of pattern paper.  It was so easy to work with.  I loved everything about it, except that I recolored a picture frame, well technically I just lightened it.  I felt that the lighter color made the picture stand out more.  I will have to talk to the designer Rose Made Designs about that. I didn't realize that it was not allowed until I posted it.

 I'm kinda long winded today, so without further adue, here is the preview of the wonderful kit followed by the layouts I made with it:

Hope you like my layouts and will check out the kit at MooTwo Store you really can use it in so many ways.  Just add other elements to create a different themes. 

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